Mastering Tips – Top 5 Ways That Understanding Audio Mastering Makes Faster and Better Mixing

Mastering Tips – Top 5 Ways That Understanding Audio Mastering Makes Faster and Better Mixing

Mastering Tips Introduction – Getting Our Minds Right

For almost any electronic music production, the purpose of mastering is to achieve a consistent and smooth listening experience for the end-product. Mastering is the final step that is done before CD duplication and distribution. Going through this process ensures that the surface noise is minimal, allowing the music to sound smooth and cohesive.

We all know that our ears hear with various degrees of clarity. With that being said, the difference between hearing clear and full is quiet night and day. Going through a critical path of mastering greatly helps our ears achieve clarity. Here are the top five ways that mastering plays a big role in the end producer’s career.

Top 5 Reasons:

1. Mastering Music Reduces producers’ Anxiety

Many producers overcome anxiety issues while they’re recording and even after the recording is finished. The main reason that many struggles are the lack of confidence leading up to the recording. When the producer records a song with little to no concern, he/she will feel a lot of apprehensions. When there’s a lot of anxiety present in the atmosphere, it’ll be so easy to get nervous and make mistakes. The fact is that leaving an incredible music track alone is preferable to recording it with a bad track. When the right channel is chosen, leaving a track alone is the least difficult thing to do.

2. Mastering Music Gives Young musicians a Unique Sound

One of the biggest attributes of music that may be difficult to achieve is its uniqueness. And mastering can play an important role in developing a unique sound for your songs. By making your music sound unique, you can impede strong and easy transition by listeners from one track to another.

Mastering music is a very important step for any young recording/musician to consider taking. Mastering is essential if you want to take your music farther up the charts, towards getting radio play.

3. Mastering Music keeps Your Humanities intact

It’s very easy for a person to consistently produce music commercially. It’s easy to let a single person handle production. It’s not so easy to let a song/singer be produced by several people. People don’t realize that web 2.0 has drastically changed all artist management. You no longer will lease a team and pay them. Managers now are earning a lot of money for a few hours of work. The hours that they charge you a team for the right let you decide the success of the project.

Eventually, you won’t need that team. But, no matter how much easier it is to produce your music solo, it’s equally important to do all you can to keep your ass together. Go out there and advertise as much as you can for your project. Don’t let people forget you exist.

4. Finding a Good Mastering Studio is Important

So, you’ve honed your skills and you’ve built a following online. You’ve been trying to find a way to break into the market and local radio play. You’ve scoured the local phone book trying to find the type of person that can do this. You’ve looked up local recording studios, and people that you need to contact. You’ve had people on your touring bus chorus tell them in cold words how important it is for you to go out and get a recording done.

It’s time to go out and check if you really can afford a demo studio, and if it’s going to lead to getting a recording contract.

5. Know Your Equipment Like the Back of Your Hand

Experienced recording engineers will be honored if you ask to use their equipment. They know their equipment inside and out. You should gain knowledge from them simply by tuning in to their equipment. Tune in to your drum tracks. Equip yourself with a laptop. Do whatever it takes to get great drum tracks. The best thing you can do is ask them to show you how they do it.

6. Make Your Music Online

If you want to get a recording contract, you need to be on the internet. That doesn’t mean they won’t treat you fairly or give you the time of day. It just means they can’t hear your internet music. Major labels are fully aware of this. They are constantly networking to find the best web music acts to sign. You are part of that process. Rise above the rest and get recognized by a Major Label.

Major labels know this. So, some of them actually are programs or sites that they recommend for your music. If you want a recording contract, they make it much easier for you by training others to share your music. Again, this is good, but you needed to start with the small sample. Build your songwriting skills to the point that you are ready for a Major Label deal.